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Here are some general dental terms and definitions...

Posted: 25/02/15

Bicuspids, Canines, Incisors, Molars, Wisdom Teeth - Names of teeth Calcium - A mineral necessary for strong, healthy teeth. Calculus, Tartar - A calcified deposit that forms on teeth. Caries - Tooth decay. Dentin - Sensitive inner structure of the tooth. Enamel - Hard outer covering of the tooth. Fluoride - Helps guard teeth against decay. Plaque - Bacteria-laden film that forms on teeth daily. Pulp - Core of the tooth.

How well do you know your mouth? A few helpful terms: The Crown is the part of your tooth visible above the gum. The Root is located below the gum to hold a tooth firmly in the jaw bone. Pulp is located within a channel in the root of each tooth. It consists of nerves and blood vessels. Plaque is an invisible film of bacteria which builds up on teeth. Tartar or Calculus is a hard, calcified deposit, usually off-white or yellow in color. Cavities form when bacteria-laden plaque forms an acid and eats through tooth enamel. Tooth Sensitivity occurs when the inner dentin of the tooth becomes exposed. Bruxism is the clenching or grinding of teeth. Halitosis refers to bad breath and is often the sign of a dental problem. Periodontal Disease is a disease of the gum tissue. Any questions? Ask us today!

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