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Stainless Steel Crowns

Here in Hume Street Dental Care, Dr. Shafiei and Dr. Saberina offer stainless steel crowns for children.


Stainless Steel Crowns have been used in dentistry for over 70 years and serve as the most common type of crown for children. Often, they are used in primary teeth that are broken, have significant decay or have a defect due to disease or from birth.


Dr. Shafiei and Dr. Saberina recommends restoring a severely decayed baby tooth rather than waiting for it to fall out or extracting it. Primary teeth serve many important functions that aid children in speaking, eating and smiling properly. Stainless steel crowns also act as placeholders for permanent teeth and when removed or lost unnaturally, cause future teeth to grow in crowded or crooked.


When a diseased tooth is not treated, there is potential for the decay to spread to neighboring teeth, including the permanent tooth that has yet to emerge. Treatment of such issues is very important to Dr. Shafiei and Dr. Saberina, a stainless-steel crown is the best solution to repair a tooth that is too damaged for a filling. Stainless steel crowns are more durable and stronger then large fillings and are ideal for molars which withstand substantial chewing pressure. Functioning like the natural crown of the tooth, the stainless-steel cap allows children to eat and speak comfortably while allowing their bite to develop properly. The stainless-steel crown is tailored to the tooth and cemented in place, eventually falling out when the child loses their baby tooth.


If you have any questions about stainless steel crowns, please feel free to speak with Dr. Shafiei,
Dr. Saberina or one of our Hume Street Dental Care team members today.


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