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Tempted to skip your next tooth-cleaning appointment?


Posted: 1/08/19


Here is what you'll be missing: Examination of teeth, gums, and biting, chewing and swallowing patterns. Removal of plaque, tartar and surface stains. Discussion of future treatment and if appropriate: Evaluation of cosmetic enhancements. Oral cancer screening. Fluoride application. Pit and fissure sealants. Brushing and flossing instruction. Nutritional Counseling You receive a lot more than just a cleaning! You'll also get the key to keeping your teeth for a lifetime. During your visit with our Oral hygienist, you receive much more than just a cleaning. We will: Examine your teeth to detect decay. Evaluate and assess your periodontal (gum) tissue. Check your bite, chewing and swallowing patterns. Review and update your medical history. Note any changes in your prescribed medication and physical condition. Evaluate possible cosmetic enhancements to your smile. Remove plaque, tartar and tooth surface stains. Apply fluoride and a sealant. Polish gold, silver or composite resin fillings or crowns. Perform oral cancer examination and screening. Provide tooth brushing and flossing instruction, tailoring each technique to the patient's needs and requirements. The next time you think a dental appointment is "just a hygiene visit," think again!




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